Wireless Networks

Course description:

The course covers the most popular wireless technologies: IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth, LMDS, MMDS and IEEE 802.16. The course also studies methods of radio spectrum use common for all the technologies.

Courses to be taken before this course: Introduction to Data Networks,

Chapters of the book on which this course can be based:

The basic material for this course you can find in sections ‘Wireless LANs’ and PAN and Bluetooth’ of Chapter 14. Other information can be found in section “Packet Switching in Shared Medium Networks’ of Chapter 3; Chapter 9 ‘Data Encoding and Multiplexing’; Chapter 10 ‘Wireless Transmission’; sections ‘General Characteristic of LAN Protocols’ and ‘CSMA/CD’ of Chapter 12; section ‘Wireless Access’ of Chapter 23.