Wide Area Networks (WANs)

Course description :

This course is about WAN specific technologies: X.25, Frame Relay and ATM. All these technologies are based on a virtual channels technique. However, as a protocol, which interconnects different constituent WANs into an integrated internet, is IP, the course should reflect IP features specific for WANs.

The course also covers different access methods such as dial up, ISDN, xDSL, wireless and CATV access. The course includes the topic ‘Management in IP networks’ which is especially important for WANs.

Relatively new technology MPLS could be taught within the course or as a separate course. The same approach could be undertaken to ‘Traffic protection’ theme.

Courses to be taken before this course : Introduction to Data Networks, Introduction to the IP Networks

Chapters of the book on which this course can be based:

Chapters 21 – 24 can be used as the basis for this course. If themes ‘MPLS’ and ‘Traffic protection’ will be taught as separate courses then chapter 24 should be excluded.