Course description: it is a comprehensive course offering an overview of a wide range of networking technologies.  In this course students continue studying networks on the basis of those fundamental concepts and ideas discussed in the Introduction to Data Networks course, and moving to learning about specific technologies and protocols. This course studies methods of data encoding, voice digitising, transmission networks, technologies of Local Area Networks (Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI ) and Wide Area Networks (Frame Relay, ATM, ISDN ). The course also includes an in depth introduction to IP networks and the description of network equipment such as hubs, concentrators, switches and routers. Another topic that is covered here is basics of network security. 

Course(s) to be taken before this course: Introduction to Data Networks

Chapters of the book on which this course can be based: for this course all chapter of the book will be relevant, albeit the degree of relevant may vary. Clearly, the more extensive the course is, the more difficult for it to focus on the covered topics in depth.